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“I have worked with Louisa on a number of projects, where she's always displayed professionalism, ability to solve problems quickly and without fuss, adaptability and patience when working with people & equipment.”

"As a first-time director, working with Louisa was amazing. She brought the zen and order to my creative chaos, serving as an ideal partnership."

“Louisa is a first rate Director and DoP with the ability to generate outstanding ideas that add new dimensions to any scene or film that she is involved in. She came onboard with my film and took the entire production to a completely new level and made it the first rate film that it is. Hard working, committed and full of ability are the best ways to describe her. I would highly recommend anyone to work with her.”


I've worked on a whole range of videos including crowd funding videos, conferences, private events, live recordings, weddings and interviews.

My involvement in this work varies from being simply a camera operator to self shooting the whole thing, meaning I directed it, shot it, lit it, recorded the sound, edited and colour graded it.

This showreel prodominantly showcases work where I acted as a self shooter but it also includes a few examples from projects where I was just the DoP.


As a DoP I've worked on a lot of projects, with a lot of different cinematography styles, ranging from minimalististly lit documentary style to the harsh but effective horror look.

Past projects include multiple feature films, shorts and music videos.

Noteworthy past projects include feature film 'Wecome To The Majority' which won the Best Cinematography award at the 2013 Yellow Fever Independant Film Festival.



I'm based in North London and I've been shooting videos and films for over seven years now and I absolutely love doing the work that I do. I'm proud of the results I have achieved up to this point but that doesn't mean that I'm done learning, I'm determined to become even better as both a DoP and as a Self-Shooter.


Camera 1 - Panasonic GH5s
Camera 2 - Panasonic G7
Lenses - 12-35mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4, 25mm 0.95, 35mm F/2.4,135mm F/2.8, 58mm F/2
Lights - 2 soft box lights, 2 small LED lights
Sound - RodeLink Wireless Kit, Zoom H4n, H2 recorder with lapel mic, Rode Videomic
Other - Zhyion Crane Gimbal V2, Shoulder rig, Manfrotto tripod, Slider, Field monitor

Outside of my own equipment I have experience with a range of equipment including higher end cameras, jibs, tracking, radio mics and a range of different lighting kits.


I'd love to hear from you